9 April 2021

Backstage by Pierre-Olivier Toulza


After Glee in 2009 a wave of TV shows about the backstage of singing and musical production invaded American television. In his book Backstage, Pierre-Olivier Toulza analyses the esthetical and…

Since 06/19/ 2020 on Canal+ and MyCanal

6 July 2020


Back to the future

In Pen15, showrunners Anna Konkle and Maya Erskine plunge back with us into the setbacks of their adolescence. A fresh and cutting initiation story to rediscover the worst years of…

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12 November 2019

The Morning Show

Streaming or not streaming ?

Started late October, Apple TV+ completes its online tv-show catalogue. For better or for worse ? An early answer with the leading series : The Morning Show.


8 November 2019

Lost, The Leftovers, Watchmen

Lindelof, the new prophet of tv shows

While Damon Lindelof's new tv show, Watchmen, is in full swing, Sarah Hatchuel and Pacôme Thiellement wrote an essay about his previous show, The Leftovers. Return on a work haunted by the…

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22 October 2019

La Dernière Vague


The latest public service tv-show explores new territories. The main actor David Kammemos tells us more about this modern tale...

09/27/ 2019 on Netflix

30 September 2019

The Politician

Gossip vote

Ryan Murphy, Glee and American Crime Story's showrunner, presents its first Netflix show, and picks at the contemporary political mechanisms with his usual sarcasm. Putting them in a swanky high…

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30 September 2019

Les Sauvages

Roschdy président !

The new political tv-show seats Roschdy Zem as the first French Kabyle president’s chair. A hard but successful task signed by Rébecca Zlotowski.

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19 August 2019

The Boys

Super Zeros

Pop trash and dark show about superheroes, The Boys is a real success thanks to Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. Holllywood's most creative tam?

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29 July 2019

Summer shows

Summer shows

Seasons come and go but do they look alike ? Netflix reveals the next parts of five of its big series. Which one are going to be successful, which one…

On the 06/04/2019 on Netflix

8 July 2019

Stranger Things 3

Back to the future?

The famous TV show still regressive and neo-80's is back for its third season. But does it bring something new ?

The 28/06/2019 on Netflix

1 July 2019

Family Business


After some very average attempts, Netflix finally offers a good series led drum beating by a Jonathan Cohen in great shape.

On 06/14/2019 on Amazon Prime

14 June 2019

Too Old to Die Young

Too good to be true

Sublime but dehumanized, the first show made by Drive's director, Nicolas Winding Refn, is as fascinating as boring. Explanations.

Now available in France on Apple TV

11 June 2019

Now Apocalypse

Roxane in L.A

French actress Roxane Mesquida is the headline of the new Greg Araki series available on Apple TV. We went to interview her at her home in Los Angeles.

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14 May 2019


Dancing with death

He revolutionized Broadway, received 8 Oscars for Cabaret and a Palme d’or for All That Jazz…The choreographer and director Bob Fosse is the hero of a biopic with Sam Rockwell and Michelle…

Soon on Arte

6 May 2019


"A universe between Chabrol and Shining"

Meeting in Séries Mania with Anne Berest, Mytho's scriptwriter, the upcoming comedy on Arte.

Platform and series

22 April 2019

Frédéric Josué

Platforms and series

Invited to Serie Mania Festival to participate in a panel on how blockchains are going to change the audiovisual industry, Frédéric Josué is Havas' "Mister innovation". He explained to us…

On 03/30/2019 on WarnerTV

16 April 2019

Miracle Workers

The world according to Simon

Two years after he stopped directing his amazing show Man Seeking Woman, Simon Rich comes back with an angelic and romantic comedy presented during Séries Mania festival. He uses less his…

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7 April 2019

The Twilight Zone

The right dimension

Jordan Peele, Get Out's and Us' director, was the ideal candidate to reboot the TV 60's masterpiece. We explain why.

On 04/08/2019 on Canal+

7 April 2019

Vernon Subutex

A mythical serie ?

Subutex on TV, it's good dope! Virginie Despentes' novel becomes a miniserie in nine episodes directed by Cathy Vernet. Interview.

On 04/08/2019 on Canal+

3 April 2019

Vernon Subutex

Musical interview

Subutex on TV, it's good dope! Matthieu Sibony, who supervised the show's music tells us more about the universe he created. Interview.

On 03/01/2019 on Canal+ Series

6 March 2019

Better Things

The third season of the series wrongly unknown of Pamela Adlon brilliantly illustrates the trend of today's series for autofiction.

On 02/22/2019 on Netflix

5 March 2019

Suburra season 2

It is the occasion to present a saga which is born in theaters before becoming the italian show produced by the platform.

On 01/20/2019 on HBO and OCS

17 January 2019

High Maintenance

By bike around New York, Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfield imagine a gonzo-comedy which celebrate weed culture at the time of its standardization.

On 01/09/2019 on FX and Canal+ Series.

11 January 2019

You’re the worst

Stephen Falk's engaging and unkempt creation returns for a fifth anf final season. And if this discreet series was the best romantic comedy on  television ?

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10 January 2019

The First

Beau Willimon, the House of Cards showrunner is back with the TV show The First. We met him in Paris during the ten years anniversary of OCS. Interview.

12 November 2018

Tendanceséries : Lolitic

Olivier Schmitt decrypts for Somewhere\Else the trends of the series. Today, he focuses on the lolitic, series that mix LOL humor and American politics. They have a lot to do…

9 October 2018

Tendanceséries : Trans Visibility

Olivier Schmitt decrypts for Somewhere\Else the trends of series. Today, Trans visibility has allowed transsexuals to become fully-fledged characters in pop culture. From Orange is the New Black to Transparent…

24 September 2018

Tendanceséries : Black Empowerement

Olivier Schmitt decrypts for Somewhere \ Else the trends of series. Today, this Black Empowerment which, since the success of Black Panther in the cinema and Marvel's Luke Cage on…

On 09/08/2018 on HBO / OCS

13 September 2018

The Tale

The Tale mixes reality and fiction, memory and investigation to give birth to a crackdown film on a child sexually abused. We met her director Jennifer Fox at the Deauville…

In October 2018

28 July 2018


Lena Dunham, the creator of the Girls series is back behind the camera with Camping, a new series planned for the start of the school year on OCS City.

On 06/18/2018 on Netflix

24 July 2018

Unsolved : The Murder of Tupac & Notorious Big

Hip-hop culture and the 90s is at the heart of Unsolved, a TV series about the murders of the two rap stars of the 1990s, Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G…

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20 July 2018

First Love

First Love available on BlackPills is a nonstandard series to consume on your phone.

On 05/06/2018 on Starz

5 July 2018


Sweetbitter, the series aired on the American channel Starz and produced by Brad Pitt, focuses on the backstage of a restaurant through the initiatory journey of its latest recruit...

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13 June 2018

The Handmaid’s Tale

Interview of Bruce Miller, showrunner of The Handmaid’s Tale, the flagship series that describes a patriarchal dictatorship in a post-Trump America. The Handmaid’s Tale season 2 now on OCS...

24 May 2018

Too Old to Die Young

The teaser of Nicolas Winding Refn's new series has just been released. A forthright dive in the singular visual and sound univers of the Danish director...

On 05/07/2018 on OCS

24 May 2018


When Franck wakes up after eight years in coma, a law forcing everyone to be naked in public area was established. Reporting...