Suburra, season 2

The Magnificent Solima

Serie. It is the occasion to present a saga which is born in theaters before becoming the italian show produced by the platform.

By Franck Lebraly

Despite the sprawling expanse of Italians show’s production link to mafia, if we should pick one of them, it would be the one of Stefano Solima. Director of A.C.A.B All Cops Are Bastards (his first movie) in which Italian policemen are new legionnaires targeted by all the tensions, he chained with the series Gomorra (aired since 2014) and Romanzo Criminale (aired from 2008 to 2010) from the eponymous films. In 2015, Suburra, his second film gave birth to a show version on Netflix.

As if the Italians productions about the Cosa Nostra gathered under the aegis of a same godfather. Since then Solima moved out to the United State to direct Sicario 2 Days Of the Soldado, trying this time to talk about the Mexican cartels ; while Daniele Cesarino and Barbara Petrinio are now in charge of the second season of Suburra, without denying his style. 

In the Antic Roma, Suburra was a neigborhood only surrounded by noises and chaos. Today, the expression could be translated as “brothel“.  A great description of the situation that we can find episodes after episodes. Here, it is about new mafias far from clichés. Gypsies, Vatican, politicians, cops and freedmen of the old school are ready to do anything to sit on the chair of the godfather of the new Roma : the seaside resort of Ostia. 

All these characters and gangs do business between them while shooting each other in this anti post-card of Roma. The plans are worthy of paintings by Hopper or De Chirico. The characters are rich and rather well inhabited, like the hero played by the awesome Alessandro Borghi (Fortunata, Bad seeds, Dalida …). The series is tasted like a good pasta dish and is preferably ordered in its original language. Forza !



Thanks to Capris Bazar 83 Rue du Faubourg St-Denis, 75010, Paris.