Sweet and salty

Serie. Sweetbitter,the show aired on the American channel Starz and produced by Brad Pitt, focuses on the backstage of a restaurant through the initiatory journey of its latest recruit. But does the mayonnaise take ?

By Lisa Moumni-Barbault

It all begins when Tess decides to leave her province to start a new life in New York. The first to give her a chance will be the boss of a trendy restaurant that offers her a job as a kitchen clerk. From then on, Tess’s life, embodied by Ella Purnell (Never Let Me Go, Miss Peregrine…), revolves around the catering’s particular world. The presentation of the rules and requirements of the trade is literally captivating.

“A feel good series.”

But the links that Tess will tie with those around her are more agreed. Each character appears as a cliché playing a role too expected in the life of the young girl. Howard (Paul Sparks), the benevolent boss and the elusive Simone (Caitlin Fitzgerald), his right-hand, as cold as she is elegante, embodies the maternal model. Sasha, the « good friend » hides his hypersensitivity under his eccentricity. While Will, her trainer, falls for her… But is quickly outstriped by a caricature of the mysterious dark-haired guy interpreted by Tom Sturridge (Good Morning England). They will each introduce her to desire, love alcohol, drugs… Despite this predictable scenario, Sweetbitter appears as one of the few series to plunge the viewer into the heart of the little-known universe of catering. We feel the atmosphere of Feed the Beast, unfortunately stopped after one season. While the movie Daphné, released in spring, reached in a similar universe to give more flavor to its female character.

Based on the eponymous novel by Stephanie Danler, Sweetbitter‘s first season has only six episodes (30 minutes) and as many different directors. A feel good series that we hope is laying the groundwork for a more elaborate menu for the coming seasons.