Autumn leaves

Electro, rap or variety, small selection of the most amazing clips of autumn.

By Sophie Castelain





VENDREDI SUR MER – écoute chéri

For 2 years, Vendredi sur Mer has made a name for itself on the French pop scene. Behind this poetic name, the 22-year-old Charline Mignot, from France, wanted Vendredi sur Mer as a musical and fashion project. For the clip “écoute chéri”, the artist has appealed to Alice Kong already author of “La femme à la peau bleue. The result is a feminist video, where men are less dressed than women, and where they are masters of their desires “listen darling I have no time, I told you no”. All in a retro atmosphere where all the protagonists seem to come out of a fashion show.

THYLACINE – The road

This is the first extract of the artist’s next album, composed in his mobile studio on the Argentine and Bolivian roads. Thylacine noticed for his extraordinary clips (the choreography of tanks of “War Dance“) wanted his next album to be inspired by his travels and wrote it on the way (like Transiberien, composed in the train in 2015). The video he made himself was built in the same spirit, with shots of the Andes Mountain, Argentinian deserts, the salt lake of the Argentinian Puna, crossing herds of llamas and far away especially of all the human agitation. A sound imbued with serenity mixing keyboard, violins and marimba.

GILLES – Je l’écrirais

The writer Ariel Kenig releases his first EP under the name of Gilles (his first name in the civil status). Hence the title of the disc : Son prénon (His name). The song “Je l’écrirais” speaks about the children of immigrants who question their identity “Where do I come from? – From a country that I do not know how to name. Nationality split “. A melancholic ballad that corresponds well since it is itself the fruit of a French mother and a Polish father. A song with electro-pop sound to win the Magic 2016 contest, which allowed him to play the first part of Etienne Daho (one of his major influences). In the black and white video clip Gilles walks aimlessly through the streets and corridors of the Paris metro, as if searching for his “truth”. It is directed by the actor and performer Mahdi Sehel.

ANGÈLE feat ROMÉO ELVIS – Tout Oublier

On October 5, Angèle released her first album Brol (Walloon slang trinket) and decided to give her brother Roméo Elvis a feat on “Tout oublier”. Song sounds much more dancers than these previous singles. She praises the joy of living “it’s not complicated to be happy, if you wanted you would be.” His mantra, turn the page to move forward, and don’t feel sorry for yourself. The clip shot on the Catalan beaches near Girona by Brice VDH (Girls In Hawaii, Julien Doré…) and Leo Walk (dancer for Christine & the Queen and Romeo Elvis). Angèle and Roméo hang out on their beaches their emotional baggage, embodied by their incongruous ski suits.

LEIFUR JAMES – Night & Day

From the londoner Leifur James’ first album A louder silence “Night and day” (released October 5), is an electronic and melancholic ballad. Some cello touches give it an intoxicating phantasmagoric side. The clip was shot in the suburbs of Bogota by Berliner’s Sander Houtkruijer (noted for his video of Thomas Azier or Asaf Avidan’s “One Day (Wankelmut Remix). A girl with much too long hair escapes from this suburb by bus, crosses slums, rolls all night to finally climb in the back of a pickup that will drop at destination. A place where flora has been preserved, a kind of abandoned wonderland.

Silk City, Dua Lipa ft Diplo, Mark Ronson – Electricity

Silk City was the name of the club where Diplo (Major Lazer, LSD), and Mark Ronson (producer of Amy Winehouse or Bruno Mars) met 20 years ago when they were both DJs. They decided to launch a joint project to “pay homage to the best dance cities in the world : Chicago, London, Paris, Detroit”. For this second title, they invited Dua Lipa the English pop sensation of the moment. The result is rather surprising for artists who had accustomed us to clips that contrasted with ordinary “commercialized” videos. “Electricity” by Bradley and Pablo (Kanye West, Frank Ocean, Migos, NickiMinaj, CardiB…) is a totally mainstream American production, with a Dua Lipa in panties and people who sweat while partying . The politics of the click for an effective piece but not very inspired.

VANESSA PARADIS – des mots simples

It is with “Ces mots simples” that the singer announces the release of her 7th album Les Sources (end of November). This love song is illustrated by a clip out of time directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino with whom she has often worked, and in close collaboration with Chanel which she is the ambassador. Suspended on a swing above the water, it evokes the advertisement for the perfume Coco Mademoiselle directed by Jean-Paul Goude in 1992 where Vanessa Paradis appeared like a nightingale on a swing locked in his cage.


Two blasé rappers, chained parties, girls, and excesses. The song is nevertheless signed Lomepal, accustomed to more political lyrics. He criticizes the artist’s life here a thousand miles an hour… “It’s the party every night in the capital. Decapitated consciousness, we will see the damage later.” Accompanied by his Belgian friend, Romeo Elvis (his second featuring in this playlist) : “we are tight in a box, three hundred back and forth on Brussels-Paris all year”. The Christ video (Lomepal, attached to a pyre is stabbed by the women he mistreated) is transformed into an American-style blockbuster (helicopter, motorcycles, jumps in the vacuum…). It is worth the eye and is performed by Adrien Lagier and Ousman Ly, already at the origin of the clip of “Pommade” of the same Lomepal.

ROSALIA – Di mi nombre

Three days before the release of her album El Mal Querer, Catalan Rosalía unveiled Chapter 8, “Extasis (ecstasy)” from her series of clips. “Di mi Nombre” is a song with much more sensual lyrics than the previous ones : “Say my name, put your body against mine”. The singer performs most of her choreography in a bed where she is alone, but seems to want to invite someone. Faithful to her first love, flamenco, she finds here palmas, and many signs of traditional Spain (religious images, white dress…). The production is entrusted to Henry Scholfield, a lover of color saturation, at the origin of Stromae’s “Tous les Mêmes” or “IDGAF” by Dua Lipa.