Catalan of 25 years, Rosalía is a phenomenon in Spain. His inter flamenco and hip hop music is staged in resolutely urban clips. While his album El Mal Querer is released on November 2, spotlight on the Spanish Beyoncé.

 By Sophie Castelain

The New York Times, The Inrocks, Pitchfork, Clique, Cheek, etc. They are all excited about Rosalía. The young Spanish singer known adapt with bold the sounds of flamenco to the tastes of today’s audiences. The single “Malamente” released in May, is already platinum. And is announced as Chapter 1 (Augurio : Bad omen) of his second album El Mal querer (November 2)

Her stage performance accompanied by eight dancers at the Barcelona Sónar festival earned her the nickname of Spanish Beyoncé.

It is produced by El Guincho, an electronic DJ who adds more modern sounds and trap to its traditional base. His clip transposes the symbols of Spain. The bull becomes a motorcycle, the divine levitation an elevator and the white pointed hat of the flagellants is colored purple symbol of spirituality and jealousy : “Malamente”, means bad spirit … The collective of Barcelona Canada has made this clip and that of previous single «Aunque es de noche».

The millennials can easily identify with the street-chic look worked and very “instagrammable” of the singer. And Rosalía has an ultra-controlled communication, each release of video clips and preceded by numerous teasings on social networks. Her stage performance accompanied by eight dancers at the Sónar Festival in Barcelona earned her the nickname “Spanish Beyoncé”. But his passion for Flamenco is very real. Catalan discovered gypsy culture at 13, the first time she heard the voice of Camarón de la Isla and decided to practice this traditional dance diligently. His first album Los Angeles did not contain any other instrument than his voice, guitars and the famous Palmas (flamenco typical flamenco)

Adding more urban sounds Rosalía has attracted criticism from purists. But the artist says that it only reproduces what had made his idol Camarónde la Isla in 1979. Mixing flamenco rock with great reinforcement of electric guitars on La leyenda del tiempo. On top of that Pedro Almodovar has given Rosalía a role in his next film Dolor y Gloria with Penelope Cruz and Javier Barden. What make her a Spanish symbol.