Vernon Subutex


18 July 2019

Summer clips of 2019


Pop, rock, ou électro, Somewhere\Else a sélectionné les clips les plus surprenants de cet été pour se rafraîchir sous le soleil de plomb.


12 July 2019

Abel Ferrara

King of New York

His latest movie Tommaso was presented at Brussels International Film Festival. Meeting with the director of mythical The King Of New York, Bad Lieutenant or Angel of Vengeance.


9 July 2019

Vincent Macaigne

Juror of the BRIFF

We know him for his part in C'est la vie ! or in Non-Fiction, but it's his vision as a director that we are asking for, for this 2nd edition of…


9 July 2019

Michel Hazanavicius

Guest of honor of BRIFF

Director of OSS 117, The Artist, Godard Mon Amour... Michel Hazanavicius was the guest of honor at the 2nd edition of the Brusells International Film Festival, the opportunity to come back…

Porn offers love
to the world

Greg Lansky (Vixen)

La Rochelle Film Festival

9 July 2019

Alexandra Stewart

Godmother of La Rochelle Film Festival

Godmother of La Rochelle Film Festival, Alexandra Stewart played in François Truffaut, Arthur Penn or John Huston movies. For Somewhere \ Else, the Canadian actress recalls the most beautiful encounters…

Are You Series?

9 July 2019

Laure Hendrickx

From December 10th to 19th in 2019, the « Are you Series ? » festival will take place in Bruxelles' Bozar. Its programmer and organizer Laure Hendrickx reveals the outline of the…


9 July 2019

Bouli Lanners

Belgian actor and director

Honor guest of this 2nd edition of the Brussels International Film Festival, the Belgian director and actor Bouli Lanners (Chien) has chosen to devote its white card to global warming rather…

Jean-Pierre Marielle


La Rochelle Film Festival

5 July 2019

Christophe Gans

Cult French director

We met with the director, producer and scriptwriter Christophe Gans, who made Silent Hill and Brotherhood of the Wolf. On the occasion of the 47th edition of La Rochelle Film Festival, Somewhere\Else…

La Rochelle Film Festival

5 July 2019

Jacky Goldberg

Cam boy

During the 47th edition of the La Rochelle Film Festival, partner of Somewhere\Else, we met the journalist and filmmaker Jacky Goldberg. His movie Flesh Memory was released in 2018, and is…

La Rochelle Film Festival

5 July 2019

Dario Argento

The master of Italian giallo

Guest of honor of the La Rochelle Film Festival, Dario Argento is known to be the master of the giallo. Nine of his movies will be shown at the festival,…

1 July 2019

Champs-Élysées Film Festival

The prize list

The Jury Prize of the Independent American Film (consisting of an endowment of 11 000 € to the French distributor) was awarded to the documentary Pahokee by Ivete Lucas and…

Between 20/06/2019 to 29/06/2019

18 June 2019

Brussels International Film Festival

Interview with the BRIFF planner, Céline Masset, the film festival in Bruxelles. Event whose Somewhere\Else is partner.

Cannes film festival


From June 28th to July 7th 2019

17 June 2019

La Rochelle Cinema

Interview with Arnaud Dumatin and Sophie Mirouze, who organized the 47th edition of the « La Rochelle Cinema » Festival. An event backed by Somewhere\Else.

From 06/18/2019 to 06/25/2019

16 June 2019

Champs-Élysées film festival

Celebrating American and French independent cinema. This is the ambition of the Champs-Élysées Festival which will take place from June 18th to 25th. An unmissable event for Parisian movie lovers. 

I’m too old
for this !

Roger Murtaugh

The 15/06/2019 at Forum des Images

15 June 2019

Très Court International Film Festival

Women's evils

For this 21th edition of the Très Court International Film Festival, Somewhere\Else has selected for you the TOP 10 of the best short films from the « Women's words » competition.

Now available in France on Apple TV

11 June 2019

Now Apocalypse

Roxane in L.A

French actress Roxane Mesquida is the headline of the new Greg Araki series available on Apple TV. We went to interview her at her home in Los Angeles.

Festival Téma!

7 June 2019



Interviews of best video makers of the moment on the occasion of the TÉMA Festival ! which Somewhere\Else was a partner.