Alone at my Wedding

Pamela is pig-headed

Film. Introduced at Aubagne’s International Film Festival,
Marta Bergman’s first fiction feature film
has the same intimate tone than in her documentaries. A discovery.

By Lisa Muratore

Reading time 3 min.

Seeing a young Romanian girl going, a suitcase in her hand, her parents looking at her indifferently, to Germany so as to “make men drink in bars”, inspired the director for the story of Alone at my Wedding. Thanks to a special agency, Pamela (Alina Serban) meets a European man Bruno (Tom Vermeir), hoping she would marry in Belgium. The young rom mother is determined to leave her native town and her family.

Marta Bergman offers
a story about growing up

A classic story in which reality is far from magazines. But we must admit Marta Bergman has quite an imagination and offers us a story about growing up. First showing an irresponsible, lying and childish character… And then revealing how she bravely changed her own destiny and forged links with her daughter. This ambivalence can surprise, because the we don’t know whether we love or hate Pamela. It’s precisely Bergman’s strength

Puzzling, Pamela sweeps away everything in her path, starting with Bruno’s daily life. Everyone falls under her spell but no one can really explain why: certainly her humour and her charm. She’s also the image of the Rom community, to whom the director wanted to pay a tribute. Complex and reserved, but with a strong personnality and full of traditions.

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