Très Court International Film Festival

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June 15 and 16, 2019

4 minutes. It’s time for the directors of the Très Court International Film Festival to tell us their stories. Through a selection of more than 120 short films from different countries, the festival opens a big window on the world. The works will be divided into 6 categories, among which are the international competition, French, and the selection «Trash & Glam», which sends the politically correct waltz.

Of particular note is the “Paroles de Femmes” competition, which showcases women on screen, in front of or behind the camera. An opportunity to celebrate a hot topic of the day through portraits, testimonies, scenes of daily life, etc.

Here is already a selection of the works that have caught our eye:

Engaged, daring, resourceful, the Très Court International Film Festival gives you an appointment at the Forum des Images on June 15 and 16.


Garance Lunven & Tess Volet

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