The actors Swann Arlaud and Maud Wyler tell us the first film of Erwan Leduc, a comedy between sensless and emotions.

By Jacques Braunstein
Pictures by Thierry Lebraly

Reading time 2 min.



A woman, driving an orange BMW (Maud Wyler), stops on a forest to write and draw on her notebook. An other woman, naked, stole her car. She then went to the police station where a captain (Swann Arlaud, César 2018 for Bloody Milk) explained to her, a little outdated, that it was common in the region where a small group of revolutionary nudists were active. Aimless and intrigued by this strange gendarme, the young woman who had always wanted to live without ties, rang the bell later at his home and discovered the Perdrix family, a resolutely crazy clan. A mother (Fanny Ardant) who does a free on-air show on the great love for an associative radio station. A brother (Nicolas Maury seen in Call My Agent !) who studies worms, and her teenage daughter who would like to leave this crazy house. Can love be born between two beings so dissimilar ? Between feeling and crazy humour, Erwan Leduc immediately follows in the footsteps of Justine Triet’s Victoria (presented at The International Critic’s Week two years ago) or Pierre Salvadori’s The Trouble With You (awarded at last year’s Fortnight). That of a funny and demanding auteur cinema. We can only smile about it !

  • Cannes

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