From March 28th to April 7th 

Nantes hosts the 29th edition of the Spanish Film Festival with a guest of honor, Javier Bardem, to whom a tribute will be payed through the screening of ten films he selected himself for the occasion. From Before Night Falls (in which Julian Schnabel entrusts him with the role of the Cuban writer Reinaldo Arenas) to the triumphant drama of Woody Allen Vicky Cristina Barcelona, ​​the tribute traces the first steps and then the consecration of the actor on international stage. He will be in Nantes from April 1st to 3rd to give a masterclass at the Graslin Theater and to present 6 of his films in the Katorza halls.

Among the films in competition two will rebond wuth their characters to testity of the passage of life and the alteration of relations. Casi 40directed by David Trueba – second part of La Buena Vida in 1996 – and Entre Dos Aguas of Isaki Lacuesta which the following part of La Leyenda del Tiempo, 2006. This is also the same subject in Les Distanciès of Elena Trapé, which undermine a long time friendship in a cold Berlin.

It will also be the occasion to discover the tragics closed sesssions, Oreina and Petra. Finally, the Iciar Bollain film, Yuli, which pictures the unbelievale destiny of a star dancer in Cuba ‘s streets at the London Royal Ballet, will fence the competition.

While an exhibition about flamenco will be organised, the program of the festival also include four competitions which will celebrates best documentary, first film, best short-film and a film choose by students.

Garance Lunven