Videos kills the deezers stars

Summer videos part 2

Electro, hip hop or rock, our selection of the most creative music video of the summer.

By Sophie Castelain






AGAR AGAR – Sorry about the carpet

With “Sorry about the carpet” The French duo Agar Agar signs a melancholic electro-pop ballad for the summer. Second extract from The Dog & The Future (September 28). Antonin Peretjatko (The girl of July 14th, The law of the Jungle …) realizes this film in which one finds his metaphorical universe. Clara and Armand play two housekeepers, whose mission is to maintain a living room with garish colors inspired by comics Megg, Mogg and Owl. Continually dirtying a carpet, which they prefer to replace rather than clean it … A metaphor for the couple that is deteriorating ?


We know Jean-Baptiste Mondino for his fashion photos … But we have forgotten that in the 80s and 90s he was a star in the making of music videos. He is credited with Vanessa Paradis’s “Tandem” and Axel Bauer’s “Cargo de nuit”. But also “Justify my Love” Madonna, a tube written by Lenny Kravitz and “Be” of the same Lenny. They stay friends and when the latter made him listen to his new single “Low”, he could not say no! “When Lenny played me Low I instantly fell in love with the song, the tempo and his voice”. Result, a short film of almost five minutes focuc on Kravitz drummer. In alternation with the appearances of the musician Jas, to conceptualize the discussion that is played in the song ! For Lenny Kravitz it’s simple: “When he heard “Low” for the first time he focused on the beat and kept listening to it over and over. The result was a black room, black drum set, and black clothing. It was all about the groove and the space.”

CATASTROPHE – Phoenix (il y’aura un matin)

Catastrophe is a collective of French artists who is shaking up the little world of pop. Their first album La nuit est encore jeune is enriched by a book, a double object concept in short. It tells a night trip and each title corresponds to a moment of the night, “Phoenix” representing dawn. The morning is not yet quite here and the day promises to be full of promise… The song is a powerful mix of hip-pop, gospel, soul, slam and electro. The music video is directed by Mateusz Bialecki, who chose to take the collective to Bialy Bor in Poland in a lunar nature. Beautiful and strange, disturbing and attractive, the film evokes the science fiction of the 80s.

JUNGLE – Heavy california

The British duo took four years to compose their second album For ever, expected on 14 September. In the meantime, Jungle made a Californian stopover and was enlarged by five members, including Nat Zangi, a talented choreographer. After teasing their album with two clips in May, the group released two clips simultaneously on the same day “Cherry” and “Heavy California”! Directed by Josh Lloyd-Watson & Charlie Di Placido, “Heavy California” is shot in the vast plains of the West Coast, with only another blue sky ! As usual, the directors put forward movement and dance. It’s the dancer Will West who calls the tune, joined gradually by several dancers all dressed in shades of white, beige and taupe. An ode to harmony, high in vitamins and inspired by disco !

LORENZO ft. Vald – Bizarre

“I can’t be bothered ! There will never be of feat with Vald” had tweeted Lorenzo! A collaboration remained secret until the almost released of the album Rien à branler. A title where rappers make fun of journalists and critics who find them “weird” “Weird to be weird in the eyes of these fools ! Are they traumatized? “. Anyway the rappers explain that while some people waste their time criticizing them their influence continues to grow “For children in ten years we will be the conscious rap ! “

Lyrics taken in the literal sense in video clip images : “A rap away from the clichés of the suburbs” and here they are dressed in top of the class or ultra-stylish person who have a private who eat kebobs under a cover ! A video made by Yro, a member of the Breton collective of hip hop Colombine which Lorenzo is part of. One thing is for sure Vald and Lorenzo make fun of everything, even of themselves !

ANGELE – La thune

The Belgian voice angel serves us a bittersweet song that denounces the absurdity of behavior on social networks, especially those who put themselves in danger to multiply the “likes”. The director Aube Perri transcends the girly world of the singer by multiple references to Kill Bill, Bonnie and Clyde or Thelma and Louise. A female road trip full of self-deprecation.

POLO & PAN – La canopée

“La Canopée” released in 2016, paid homage to the enchanting landscapes. Two years after this first success, the duo Polo and Pan uses Chiara Luber aka Blue Garou (“A beautiful language” – Fishback) to put it in image. This graphic arts student specializing in animated movies, a subscriber of silkscreen printing (a printing process that uses stencils) recreates the Jardin d’Eden in her own way. “We leave Sherwood Forest, make a stop in the Amazon rainforest and land in the savannah.” Describes the duo … An Adam touched at first sight by the” dizzying beauty “of an elusive Eve.

PNL – A l’amoniaque

The duo of Corbeil-Essonnes let themselves a year to give birth to his new single. “The time they make cash” as they say. For the video of “A l’amoniaque”, the usual clippers of the duo, the brothers Mess and Kamerameha collaborated with the filmmaker Kim Chapiron (Smart ass, Dog Pound …). The sound is relieved of the electro sounds, replaced by some melancholic guitar chords. In the clip, we find the love of PNL for endless landscapes, mixed with allusions to their neighborhood : building hall, basement, narrow window. An absurd allegory of Tarterêts, the desert mingles with the ocean, frightened or dying wild animals, and persistent loneliness.


Released mid-June clip Beyoncé and Jay-Z already counts for 90 million views. And it’s not even huge for a blockbuster that privatizes the Louvre. For “Apeshit” (shit monkey, if we understand well) the star couple called on the director Ricky Saiz, who had previously worked on the video “Yoncé” and who is the co-founder of the brand Supreme. Beyoncé and Jay-Z went to fetch the blockbusters of the museum, including The Raft of the Medusa Theodore Gericault, fervent militant anti-slavery. Here, the only black man on the painting carries hope, he waves his handkerchief to attract the boat that will come to save the survivors. We also note Jacques Louis-Davis’ Coronation of Napoleon, which shows a couple who crown themselves. Subtle nod to the Carter “self made couple” who rub shoulders with the powerful of this world.

JAIN – Alright

All is well this summer with Jain ! The inhabitant of Toulouse announces her next album Souldier (August 24) with the solar “Alright” ! For the music video, she again called on to the duo of Strasbourg Greg & Lio, who had already made “Dynabeat”, “Come” and “Makeba” nominated at the Grammy Awards for the best video. Who says new album, says new identity ! Exit the white and black schoolgirl dresses with Peter Pan collar. The singer appears with a more androgynous look in a royal blue jumpsuit. Surrounded by girls who reveal themselves in activities “reserved for boys”: biker, skateboarder, car stuntwan, tracer (parkour practitioner) ! “Alright” is a song about independence: “OK, I’m dumped, I’m sad, but I have something to occupy myself, what to continue my way even if I’m sad and the one I love is no longer there. What matters is following your passion !” Summer mantra …