Summer clips 2019 – Summer\Else

Pop, rock, or electro, Somewhere\Else selected the most surprising clips of this summer to cool off in the sun.

By Chloé Laforest, Garance Lunven and Tess Volet

Reading time 10 min.

En nuit


Vidéoclub, En Nuit

Aube Perrie, to whom we owe the video of Angèle La Thune, signs a soft and nostalgic electro-pop sound of the teenage years of the 90s. The singers Adèle Castillon and Matthieu Reynaud join « at the ringtone » to play a duo of teenagers in love (what they are also in real life). Their voices echo on the background of VHS cassettes, wired phones and cartoons. This video is an ultra-aesthetically pleasing time machine.

Superior State


Rendez-vous, Superior State

Red strobe lights that pierce the dark, a deafening battery and grunge silhouettes… It could be a film by Gaspar Noé (Irreversible, Climax…) but it is the last clip of the Parisian band Rendez-vous (touring this winter, and at the Cigale in Paris on January 29th). Directed by Malone Mör, who knew how to transcribe the post-punk passion of the lyrics… Beware, however, of the seizure of epilepsy.

Carrément rien à branler


Jerem, Carrément rien à branler

Tap/socks on his foot, Jerem is «the king of the wankers» and he lets us know in his video produced on the occasion of the release of the film Yves de Benoît Forgeard. William Legbhil plays this mediocre rapper who raps a disillusioned flow in a train of the Parisian metro. He is one of those amateurs who shows up with a microphone and who provokes the same reaction among all regulars: “Oh no, not yet!”. Alongside Philippe Katherine (who plays his manager in the film), Jerem raps before the indifferent eyes and then amused by the crowd… A crazy trip that announces the color of the feature.

Numero 6


Scratch Massive (feat Toby Ernest), Numero 6

The French electro duo Scratch Massive (Maud Geffray and Sébastien Chenut) offered themselves as guest-star of his latest video the French actress Roxane Mesquida. Transformed for the occasion into a (somewhat obsessive) admirer of a pole dancer (the famous Alice Mcmunn), she guides us through the dark and haunting atmosphere of a strip club in Los Angeles. A video that evokes the film Showgirls by filmmaker Paul Verhoeven and which was directed by Sébastien Chenut himself.

Oh, Marta!


Faire, Oh, Marta !

Vision under LSD! It’s probably the most fucked-up clip of the summer. Fully painted like Barbapapas, members of the Faire group wander the streets of a Mexican village alongside drag queens. Directed by the artist -and hairdresser- Charlie Le Mindu and lulled by the heady refrain (« Oh Marta, la vie est compliquée depuis que ton nom m’a quitté » / NDLR traduction : « Oh Marta, life is complicated since your name has left me ») this psychedelic trip (without substances) evokes the summer season gently.

Mother’s daughter


Miley Cyrus, Mother’s daughter

Ding dong, the witch is back! The latest video of former Disney Channel star Alexandre Moors (Yellow Birds, presented at Sundance in 2017) is a trash feminist anthem celebrating empowerment. It features non-binary, non-blanch women who do not fit in the boxes, like the young activist Mari Copeny or the positive body model Angelina Duplisea. Miley literally sees red and finger–what he has become accustomed to-patriarchal norms through various flashes: “ Not an object ”, “ Virginity is a social construct ”… The whole superimposed on a staging with occult accents, of which the singer enjoys frankly surfing on the symbols of witchcraft.



Gemme, Fragile

Gemme, super female group composed of actresses and singers Alka Balbir, Barbara Carlotti, Nubia Esteban, Élodie Fregé, Helena Noguerra and Loane unveiled her new single «Fragile» (After the cover of the title «Sweet Harmony» by the group The Beloved,). At the origin of this project, Xavier Jamaux, pioneer of the French touch (Bangbang) became composer of film music (Funny Game U.S. by Michael Haneke, Drug War by Johnnie To…). He also sings on this refreshing pop-electro song to bubble under the sun and signs the production of the video entirely shot in GIF which directs the Russian model Anna Tasha Sapojnikova.

Sous les nuages


Nekfeu, Sous les nuages

Parisian rapper Nekfeu, whose real name is Ken, unveiled his video « Sous les nuages », a few days after the release of the expansion of his album « Les Étoiles Vagabondes ». Focusing on nature with images of landscapes, we can still see the rapper under his mask with his half-long and black hair: a reference to the manga culture (mask, woman’s outfit, red eye, etc.). At the top artistically and geographically, the video directed by Antoine Besse has been carefully thought out and shows Ken’s willingness to pull his loved ones up, where he already believes he is, so that together they can live to the full and leave behind the “snakes” who they do not shake hands with.



Claire Laffut feat Yseult, Nudes

With “ Nudes ”, Claire Laffut and Yseult propose to undress and “ send nudes all summer long ” (understand these daring photos that Millennials like to exchange without complexes). A catchy refrain with sensual notes that makes the song a serious contender for the title of the « summer hit ». Filmed in the superb art deco pool of the hotel Molitor, the video was directed by Jean-Charles Charavin. It follows the two singers who walk around and play the fatal women. Enough to raise the temperature a bit higher…

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