Maud Geffray

Big girl’s dormitory

A chilling clip for « Ice Team », new sample from Maud Geffray’s electro album : Polaar (Pan European Recording). With her band Schratch Massive she composed the original soundtrack of Zoé Cassavetes’ movies… With the harpist Lavinia Meijer, she reinterprets the minimalist music of Philip Glass… Not surprising so that the clip of Maud Geffray’s new track, “Ice Team, is eminently cinematographic and with a martial coldness.

 By Jacques Braunstein

Director Thomas Verney takes us into the world of a military boarding school, oldschool and rigid, but for girls… A story of friendship and confrontation, of fight and torture with a chilling aesthetic…

A film that evokes Battle Royale or Hunger Games, but stricly in a feminin version. As the movie of Riad Sattouf Jacky au royaume des filles in a more comic mood, it claims that girls are not less violent or tough than boys. An original and subversive point of view that fits perfectly with Maud Geffray’s melancholic and romantic electro music.



10 January 2019

The First

Beau Willimon, the House of Cards showrunner is back with the TV show The First. We met him in Paris during the ten years anniversary of OCS. Interview.
3 September 2018

Mostra de Venise

From August 29th to September 9th The 75th "Mostra Internationale d’Arte Cinématographica" is set up on the Lido beach. It offers a tantalizing selection that shows that many American films…