Family, I got you !

Moi, maman, ma mère et moi

Film. A bereaved brotherhood by the death of their mother, memories of a buried past and fights concerning the selling of their family home… A nice family picture !

By Tess Volet

One month after his mother’s funeral, Benoit – Grégory Montel, the revelation of Dix pour Cent – is back in the family home with his brother and his two sisters. A fight burst from the first scene between the two brothers about his absence at the funeral. His Eurostar was stopped by a technical problem, an excuse that did not convince the big brother – Philippe Rebbot, seen in L’Amour Flou.

A work on sensory memory is conducted throughout the film

No cliché about the perfect brotherhood on the first movie of Christophe Le Masne. Love is there, but the atmosphere is drowning by daily conflicts concerning the sale of the family home and the sharing of stuffs. A big sister (Olivia Côte) disrupted by a lover who can’t leave his wife, a fractious and broke brother, a little sister (Lolita Chammah) almost alcoholic… And Benoit, at the middle, complety lost between his family, romantic and professional lifes. His mother’s appearances – played by the moving Dominique Valadié – bring back the flanges of a secret, which his memory had taken care to bury. By cleaning up his child room – leaved unaltered since he left the house – Benoit finds the pieces of a puzzle he had scattered. Between two subtle humorous touches, he reconstructed his memories in parallel with the puzzle, in which his mother was living a double life. This work on sensory memory is conducted throughout the film. Crossed to that, never accusatory, on the double life of the mother. And the last scenes of the film are the opposite of the first : the revelation of the secret makes Benoît, like the viewer, pass from a tormented consciousness to relief and freedom.