Le Choc du futur – Woman Machine

The first film of the music producer goes back to sources of the electro through the gaze of a young prodigy of synthesizers. We met Marc Collin and the actress, Alma Jodorowsky.

By Caroline Veunac

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Le Choc du futur


We knew Marc Collin as a producer from the French touch : Ollano, Dirty Jesus ou Nouvelle Vague, his happy new wave tube rearrangement business. He is back behind the camera for a first musical feature, Le Choc du futur. The minimalist story – very New Wave precisely – of a young woman of the late 70s who seeks to impose herself on the nascent electro scene. Shot in a Parisian apartment, centered on the face-to-face of Ana (Alma Jodorowsky) with the imposing machine from which she tries to extract the sounds she has in her head, the film is a tribute to the unknown pioneers of electronic music: Suzanne Ciani, Eliane Radigue, Pauline Oliveros, Laurie Spiegel

A Tribute to Unknown Pioneers
of electronic music

More or less forgotten, these artists contributed to the development of a current that, perhaps more than rock, opened the door to the feminine. Whether he offers himself a discreet cameo of the eighties icon Ellie Medeiros, or he stages a session of artistic osmosis between his heroine and a singer played by the real Clara Luciani, Le Choc du futur affirms, with refreshing modesty, the importance of women creators in the history of this music. Marc Collin and Alma Jodorowsky tell us a little more.

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