Karim Leklou

The world is his

Film. Interview with Karim Leklou, the french cinema’s new face brought to light by Le monde est à toi (The world is yours in english) by Romain Gavras, the film that divides the Cannes Festival.

Photos : Thierry Lebraly

The rising French actor. With his friendly face, Karim Leklou, 35 years old, has played in more than 25 films in 10 years. Today, he is in two feature film presented at the Cannes Festival : Joueurs by Marie Monge with Tahar Rahim and Le monde est à toi by Romain Gavras.

Leklou holds this squeaky polar that made a sensation at La Quinzaine des Réalisateurs and divides “la Croisette”. The french journal Libération refers to a movie that “diverts and renews at the same time” all the clichés of the time. A mean but fair definition of pop culture… While others see Roman Gavras as the unexpected French Tarantino. Karim Leklou tells us about his character as a suburban boss who aspires to another life and about his prestigious partners, Isabelle Adjani and Vincent Cassel.