Damien Bonnard, French Lover ?

Thirst Street !

Film. Damien Bonnard is on the bill of Thirst Street from Nathan Silver. We met the actor who goes up at the occasion of the Champs-Elysées Film Festival.

Interview : Jacky Goldberg
Images : Franck Lebraly

It was two years ago, in Cannes, in the big hall Louis Lumière: Damien Bonnard was standing right in the middle of the causse, a lamb in his arms, surrounded by wolves ready to devour him. It is on this terrifying image that ended Alain Guiraudie’s Rester Vertical, whose main actor, unknown (of the lake and elsewhere) had just released a performance of anthology, of those who mark a festival and a career .

“A night owl "romantic anti-comedy"”

Since then we have seen him regularly, in secondary roles (Voir du pays of the sisters Coulin) or very secondary (he plays a French soldier in Dunkerque by Christopher Nolan), but nothing yet that does not equal this appearance. It’s done with Thirst Street. A “romantic anti-comedy” night owl of the American Nathan Silver in which he plays the Parisian barman who obsesses the heroine. While on October 31st, he will be on the bill of En Liberté by Pierre Salvadori (awarded at The Director’s Fortnight in Cannes). In these two comedies of author, he appears sometimes in dandy seducer, sometimes in bashful lover and clumsy, but it is the same irresistible joke that is emerging, the same temperament of acrobat feet firmly on the ground and yet dreamy like you wouldn’t believe.