Très Court International Film Festival – The Women’s Evils

For this 21th edition of the Très Court International Film Festival,
Somewhere\Else has selected for you the TOP 10 of
the best short films from the « Women’s words » competition.

By Garance Lunven and Tess Volet

Reading time 5 min.

Stories, portraits, scenes of daily life… Women are highlighted both behind and in front of the camera, regardless of their culture and age. A burning competition of current events, despite some false notes: roles of psychopathic women sometimes clumsy (MiMaMi by Victor Basallote Gonzales and I Love You by JB Herment) and a message serving the purpose in Mademoiselle de Chloé Micout. A selection that is no less brilliant and touching.

1 . Augenblicke (Instants) by Kiana Naghshineh
In the wrong place at the wrong time

This shocking animated short – at the limit of anguish – recounts the nightly assault of a young woman in a dark alley.The scene is observed by its residents who remain only passive spectators. The facts of this revolting picture are contrasted for the soft bal(l)ade which, at the same time, offset and rhythm the evolution of aggression.

2. Nie masz dystansu (You react excessively) by Karina Paciorkowska
These painful words

Big winner of the 21th edition on the competition « Women’s words », this Polish animated short by Karina Paciorkowska aims to portray the public space as a vast minefield for women.Saturated with sexualized images, contradictory injunctions, aggressive gestures, the street becomes a territory of permanent hardships and constraints. A small, colourful jewel drawn in pastels and capturing real words from personalities and medias.

3 . Un genre de cadeau (Not a gift) by Sophia Benkirane Ivara
No gift between family

In our TOP 10, a French short movie staging a perfect family dinner during Christmas parties. At the opening of the gifts, the brother receives books and the sister a dress. The latter, unsurprisingly, became angry at the indifference of sex and gender by her parents who remained in their conservative norms of the role and status of women. The fall is a nice setback that promotes this separation of sex and gender. The whole subtly embellished with the words of Iglesias “Vous les femmes”…

4. Los Medios (Medias) de Carlos Polo Menárguez
Assure his back

It started so well.. Around a local restaurant table, a woman and an old ex reconnect after years and discuss the context of #Metoo and mascu… ma-scu-li-ni what ? This short film by Carlos Polo Menárguez asks about the pseudo-speeches of men who claim to be feminists. Because behind an apparent benevolence is often the selfish fear of being the unfortunate target of the “witch hunt” following a post #Metoo. A clever monochrome face-to-face, although somewhat depressing when one applies oneself to reading the subtext.

5. Al final explota un globo (At the end a balloon explodes) by Antonio Panteras
Nothing more beautiful than a baby

Context: a conversation during a children’s birthday party in the mid-1990s between two friends. Or two sisters: one very talkative mother, the other single and silent. While blaming her kid for bothering her sister, the first one is stereotypical about the marital status of “a woman without children is a garden without flowers”. We are waiting for a response from the 2nd protagonist who is overwhelmed by sexist reflection. In vain… Or almost. BOOM. An astonishing fall with a subtle yet brutal touch of sarcasm.

6. La Porte (The Door) by Arielle Moens
In the chink

A unique shot for nearly 4 minutes, punctuated by the only beat of a badly screwed cupboard door. This technical simplicity allows the short film by Arielle Moens to gain in efficiency, giving to see the daily life of a couple of women, from the idyll to the rupture. Dispute, party, breakfast: a succession of paintings of everyday life, touching of authenticity.

7. The Wait (L’Attente, in french) de Jason McColgan
Oversight under the bus shelter

Straight out of the United Kingdom, the short film shows the soon-to-be single mother conditions , with no family. An ordinary discussion between this woman and an elderly man, visibly attentive and compassionate, waiting for their bus. The expectant mother, terrified at the idea of taking on such an important role, listened briefly to the old man’s encouragement. The plot twist only confirms his words, which keep pace with the short film. Touching.

8. Lentejas (Lentilles, in french) by Carlos Blanco Barbera

Does maternal instinct exist? It is around this polemical debate that the Spanish film Lentejas is built. A kitchen becomes the intimate place of the sensitive face-to-face between a 60-year-old mother and her adult daughter. The occasion for the director Carlos Blanco Barberá to make a great generational gap between the modern relations of the Tinder era and the conformist marriages that imposed all traced destinies: marriage, home, baby. Aborted hopes, so, for a mother who probably would have wanted another life…

9. Camins (Roads) de Sara Gracia Jimenez
Say it in music

What looks like a typical scene of a 21st century couple, quickly turns into a denunciation of the dominant behaviour of man. His girlfriend just posts a song, as usual, on his profile. He does not agree because, considering the meaning of the words, they would put him, publicly, in a position of weakness. With excess, he blames her for not honouring him and advises him never to do it again. All this for a song…

10. Dinosaure (Dinosaur) de Pierre Dugowson
A gesture and its consequences

A great success for Pierre Dugowson, who directs Ophélia Kolb (seen in Call My Agent !) as a mother. In a square where his daughter blows up a balloon, a dirty kid lurks and gets ready to pierce it. The brilliant metaphor of a machine to crush women that gives rise to a universal monologue. A monologue whose attentive ears should not be only those of the child… Although education is an essential pivot for changing attitudes.

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