Etrange Festival

The 25th edition of the Etrange Festival starts today
at the Forum des Images in Paris.
Overview of a Festival that makes others feel expected.

By Michael Patin

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The Etrange Festival is celebrating its 25th birthday!  A quarter of a century spent bringing out outcasts of international cinema, breaking the value scales between genres and  burning our eyes with movies that keep getting more and more outrageous, disturbing and unclassifiable. What to expect during this edition ? A competition filled with awaited come backs (Takashi Miike, Zhang Yimou, Olivier Abbou) and unexpected discoveries (Come to Daddy, Dreamland, Koko-di Koko-da, La terre des oubliés) ;  short features giving us a glance into the future and hidden treasures scattered around (La chute d’un corps, Réincarnations, La petite fille au bout du chemin…). And to blow the candles, the tight Étrange family : Gaspard Noé (presenting his Irreversible edited back forward), Alejandro Jodorowski (who is celebrating is 90th birthday), the Quay brothers, Matthieu Kassovitz, Fabrice du Welz, Bertrand Mandico…From the 4th to the 15th of September, we are settling down at the Forum des Images, ready to let the last traces of tan (and mental sanity) we have left disappear. We will keep you updated with our discoveries.

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