Winter is dancing

The winter’s clips

Spike Lee tries rock, Agoria visits Argentina… A small selection of video clips to dance under the snow.


By Lisa Muratore and Tess Volet





The Killers, Land Of The Free

Openly against-Trump, the new track of The Killers is sad. Born from the distress felt at the Sandy Hook school shooting in 2012, he attacks the permissiveness concerning the weapon and the famous wall project on the border with Mexico. It’s a very surprising act from a group that was previously considered apolitical. And who better to frame this acerbic claim than the director of Blackkklansman. Spike Lee, whose commitment isn’t longer to prove : “it talks about what is happening right now, explains the director… More than 800 000 American people are in their fourth week without being paid. People are suffering.” (from the shutdown that deprives officials of remuneration). A powerful clip on the migrant situation along the border between Mexico and the United States that is part of the continuity of the video They Don’t Care About Us directed by Spike Lee in 1996 for Michael Jackson.


Agoria, You’re Not Alone

Pending his album Drift on March, the electro French producer Agoria gave his video clip realization to Hernan Corera, an Argentine Latin Grammy Award winner for Gallo Negro. Shot amid the pampas, this dreamlike clip shows the inescapable stages of life. Death is illustrated by the village headman funeral, whereas we decrypt the love, which united the deceased and his young woman. But the bereavement sadness is offset by the childbirth, happiness and freedom to live : they dance, smoke, drink… Blowing between the light and darkness, blue and reddish orange, the sequence shots and still frames, the director contrasts the reality of bereavement to the dream shared of freedom. Reincarnation ? Life cycle ? Hernan Corera answers this question on the interview agreed to Somewhere\Else.


Scratch Massive, Fantome X

Thomas Vernay already has directed Ice Teens for Scratch Massive. A movie in which the students of a boarding school cut-off girls of the world, know a macabre destiny. The director dives us once more into this dark atmosphere, to plans of an almost sectarian symmetry. The scarlet red suits, and the theme of “mechanical reproductive”, aren’t without remembering the universe of The Handmaid’s Tale. The video is questioning our beliefs, showing the indoctrination, then the empowerment of its protagonists on a supernatural ambiance. The French group heavy beats, blended to the twilight voice of Grindi Manberg, will guide the main heroin – at the beginning, locked in her condition of a object woman – on the way of freedom.


Rosalia, De Aqui No Sales

New clip of the Spanish diva who blend Flamenco and urban musics. There’s a bitter Rosalia there than in the Bagdad video for example. But the singer plays Spanish codes again. Realized by Diana Kunst and Mau Morgo (Fukk Sleep of A$AP Rocky), the video is pigmented by hot colors, the flamenco dress turns into a motorcycle suit while a burning windmill evokes Don Quichotte. Unrecognizable when she emerged of a deep black water, the artist is metamorphosing on a avenger goddess, and guides her dancer clan (already here on Malamente) on the night heart, MIA manner with Bad Girls. With De Aqui No Sales, Rosalia subjugates one more time by her power in describing with passion and bitterness pain and violence that love can cause.


The Limiñanas, Trois Bancs

A third clip came out of the album Shadow People. The one of The Limiñanas, the garage band of Perpignan which the raw rock, yet hypnotic, convinced America. For Trois Bancs, the duo appealed to the illustrator Sylvain Rusques who designed a series of drawings, with a clear line, in black and white as minimalist in its form as psychedelic in the background.

The “Trois Bancs” of the song are those of a provincial high school in the 1980’s. With the bands we could meet back then. Mods, skins, punks, rude boys… It’s a trip. We don’t really know what happens to the hero. He is maybe dreaming. He’s going to meet all the protagonists of the story but by a lysergic prism” explains Lionel Limiñana to Nova. « I went to meet with the Limiñanas, expressing my motivation to work together. » adds Sulvain Rusques. « Then, they presented me the story of « Trois Bancs » and trusted me to insert references to their path and their album ». A working meeting !