We, the coyotes

 Dogs and Wolves

Film. Hanna Ladoul and Marco La Via settled in Los Angeles, four and a half years ago with the idea of a feature film they designed pratically without budget. Explanations.


By Jacques Braunstein

Us The Coyotes, tells the first twenty-four hours in Los Angles of Amanda and Jake. She hopes to find a job in a record company…But they offer her an intership. The couple intend to stay at her aunt’s house…but she is not very fond of Jake. Their car is taken to the pound…In short, the troubles are linked to Morgan Saylor (the intolerable teen of Homeland) and McCaul Lombardi (seen in Sollers Point.)

“The coyotes wandering around the city become a metaphor of a marginal youth. ”

The subject of the film is maintain and yet we are one with the characters. The camera nerver dwindles, it bounes, follows them closely, avoids the cliché on the city of angle ans captures touching and funny moments. They take us from the Highways to the beach and from the Downtown to the Hill. The coyotes wanderong around the city become a metaphor of marginal youth whom would like to have a place on its own. We met the two filmmakers whose film is a “mise en abyme” of their own journey in Los Angeles and to which we predict a great future.