Viendra le feu – Caliente

An almost-documentary with a burning finale,
Oliver Laxe’s second feature film
was rewarded in Cannes. Impressive !

By Jacques Braunstein

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Viendra le feu


In Cannes, we entered the wrong theater and discovered a Spanish movie. The first one filmed in Galician, proudly announced its director, Oliver Laxe. A feature film, almost ethnographical, were we follow a man (Amador Arias) who was condemned as a pyromane. After being set free from prison, he went back to his mother’s farm (Benedicta Sanchez, who plays his mother, performed for the first time at 86 years old in this movie) and tried to go back to a normal life. In short, it is stark and it is always rainy… which is quite ironic for a movie called Viendra le feu. However, we are slowly taken by this story of a simple life, and we stick with this rural community. And when the fire comes, filmed closely without any special effects, we are dizzily carried away. Viendra le feu received the Jury’s Award in the Un Certain Regard Cannes selection. A glowing success!

We are dizzily carried away

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