The non-issue


Film. Mario is a love story between two boys in the world of football. A sensitive and sober film that has been removed from Cannes Ecrans Juniors this year. A controversy from another time ?

By Lisa Moumni-Barbault

Two players develop an attraction then an unexpected relationship within their football team. The Swiss scriptwriter Marcel Gisler (F. est un salaud, Electroboy …) signs an intimate film accurately tracing a love story in the very hetero-norm world of football.

some teachers refused to show the film to their students

Mario (Max Hubacher) and Leon (Aaron Altaras) are pushed into their entrenchments and forced to put back into perceptive their respective aspirations. One is ready to give up his career to fully live his love, the other not … Mario had to be broadcast in the context of the parallel competition of the Cannes Film Festival 2018: Cannes Ecrans Juniors. He was removed and some teachers refused to show the film to their students. A staggering controversy when you know that Mario is classified “suitable for all” by the CNC. Does the very idea of ​​evoking homosexuality prohibit a film for teenagers? It would be strange in a country that has established wedding for all. Especially since the film shows in a sober and realistic way the birth of this love, where we do not expect it. If Mario had the vocation to change mentalities, he becomes in spite of himself the proof that these have still a way to go…