Roulez Jeunesse

Looking for Eric

Film. Roulez Jeunesse is a bit like Eric Judor’s Tchao Pantin. In this critically acclaimed film, we discover his dramatic acting abilities… Between two bursts of laughter. Interview.

By Théo Ribeton

He was the only french humorist of his generation who had never given in to the sirens of the shift drama and had always been satisfied with joke, with even an unfortunate tendency to make fun of his colleagues passed, them, the serious side of the barrier. Moreover, and it’s still ironic, he had also become the favorite of intellectuals, arty quirks of Quentin Dupieux (three films together: Steak, Wrong and Wrong Cops) on the cover of Cahiers du cinéma (which had fallen for his show Platane).

“Do you want some Tchao Pantin? You will have some. In Roulez jeunesse”

So even if we take this point to take it seriously, Judor rolls up his sleeves today: you want Chao Pantin? You will have some. In Roulez jeunesse, he is an unloved son, stuck in his post-adolescence, flounding in an ocean of irresponsibility while waiting for his authoritarian mother gives in the reins of the family car repair business. But one morning, a conquest of one night leaves him with his three kids on his hands before disappearing, and wham the real in the figure, the foster homes, the toxic mother, the shot lives of social rejects. Of course, it’s more complicated : the film is a drama and Judor is often hilarious. But he also ventures into repertoires with a strong emotional quotient, where he has never been seen before. A new string to his bow : it can always help out.