Jacques Rivette in three movies

Duelle, Noroît, Merry-Go-Round

Cult. Rivette is scary. The director of La Religieuse or La Belle Noiseuse is considered as one of the “Nouvelle Vague” leaders and one of its most exigent representative. Especially because of some his films’ length (more than 12 hours for Out 1 in 1971…  Quite the limit).

By Jacques Braunstein

Three of his 70s movies are released again today*. Three visual poems, three variations about genres from fantastic movie : Duelle (1976), pirate movie : Noroît (1976) or espionage movie : Merry-Go-Round (shot in 1978 but released in 1981). Three free and theoretical, odd and lysergic movies, but with reasonable lenght (a little more than 2 hours). They have in common to stage some of the most beautiful actresses of the 70s : Maria Schneider, Géraldine Chaplin, Nicole Garcia… or Bulle Ogier, the ultimate muse “rivettienne”.

“The director of La Religieuse or La Belle Noiseuse is considered as one of the "Nouvelle Vague" leaders.”

A journey to the time when cinema was trying new forms without being afraid of getting lost on the crossroads.

*Carlotta Films, in theaters and VOD


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