It’s capes* or break

First Year

Film. Thomas Lilti attains to transform the austere First Year of Medicine into an exciting film. With under pressure students Vincent Lacoste and William Lebghil who answers our questions. Interview.

Interview : Jacques Braunstein
Images : Else

Thomas Lilti is the director of Hippocrate, soon adapted in series. This doctor turned director continues to explore in his films his background. He looks at the first year, this long distance race that leads to a relentless contest that will determine whether one becomes a doctor, a dentist, a physio … or if one goes back to college.

Hard to make a film about students who are just working

Hard to make a film about students who are just working. But Lilti attains to embody it both of scenario, the two friends who review together argue following successes contrasted to a mock exam … And in visual, review sheets taped everywhere in their studio and even in the shower … Making his film an object as oppressive as exciting. Who, if he does not want to embark on this path of the fighter, makes a human portrait and end of his thugs we imagine without a soul. Like beings in parentheses entirely turned towards a totally abstruse goal for the rest of humanity.

One of the med student is played by Vincent Lacoste (already on the screen of Hippocrate), who is a stubborn but moderately talented student who is the antithesis of his previous roles. While the other is played by William Lebghil, discovered in the series Soda and seen in Some Like It Veiled or C’est la vie ! that shows here that his repertoire is not limited to comedy. The actor has the most difficult role, the least dramatic a priori, that of the son of a doctor programmed to succeed … And gets by the finesse of his interpretation. A revelation !

*First-year common curriculum in health