Verão Danado

Damned summer

Film. The first movie of the 25 years old portuguese director Pedro Cabeleira was presented at the ACID after being screened at the Locarno Festival. A walk into the life of a young night owl at the crossroads. Presentation.

By Jacques Braunstein

The ACID (Association of the Independent Cinema for its Diffusion) appears to be the Cannes Festival’s more experimental selection. It has focused this year on the new Portuguese cinema. A country that is experiencing an economic upturn after almost ten years of financial crisis.

Pedro Cabaleiro’s first movie takes place during a lusitanian, careless summer… Verào Danado (Damned summer in english) focuses on Chico (Pedro Marujo), 22 years old, who spends good time in Lisbon just after finishing his philosophy studies. In intermission between his formation and his private life, between ending youth and adulthood trying to begin… Cabeleira films with delicacy and empathy his life made of football matches, lazy days and night club parties. Letting the time slips by avoiding the overcuts that too often characterize the party scenes. Cabaleira put the spectactors right in the middle of the party with its accelerations and floating moments. Suspending time.