Twist Again in Moscou


Film. Cheered in Cannes, Leto tells the story of Rock birth in URSS in the 1980’s. While the director Kirill Serebrennikov is held prisoner in Moscou, find our interview of the actors Teo Yoo, Irina Starshenbaum and Roman Bilyk on the Croisette.

Leto is a free and messy film which tells the beginning of Rock in the Soviet Union. Between biopic of Victor Tsoï, Russian-Korean rocker dead at 28 in 1990, and love story, the film mentioned the three-way partnership he trained with Natacha and Mike Naoumenko, prisoners of the binary rhythm on the other side of iron curtain.  

The impressionist and acerbic feature is filmed in a black and white marked of lettering and colors explosions which mentioned the best of the 1980s’s clips. Folk sometimes, punk often (the different waves of music came in the the URSS disorder), Leto (the Summer) was the favorite for the “Palme d’Or” for many French festival-goer.

“Under house arrest since the last spring, the director couldn’t come in France to defend his film.”

Making the unanimity of Le Monde, Les Inrockuptibles, Télérama and even Le Figaro, he finally had to settle for the quite official Cannes Soundtrack award for the best original music. Given to German Osipov and Roman Bilyk who plays also Mike. The delicate and elusive Irina Starshenbaum plays Natacha and the german-korean Teo Yoo interprets a fragile and inhabited Victor Tsoï… 

We interviewed them, under the “Croisette” sun, without the director Kirill Serebrennikov. Under house arrest since the last spring, the director couldn’t come in France to defend his film. The filmmaker and theater director has since been tried in November. Accused of embezzlement while he produces a hundred of shows across Russia at the beginning of 2010s. Like a “mise en abyme” of his story film, which demonstrate that the Kremlin is still afraid of Russian pop culture.