The Shape of Water

When you feel green

Cult. The four Oscars film by Guillermo Del Toro became instantly cult. Is it because he is inspired by many other films ?

Par Franck Lebraly

Hard not to like this movie, and that’s all we have to blame it for. So many topics treated and so many treatments we can only agree with : the disabled (mute), the black friend, the gay friend, the refugee coming out of water… A little easy tribute to cinema : from musical to Peplum, through the movie series Z as L’étrange créature du lac noir (1954). The Shape of Water does not have a real story, the rhythm is monotone.

“Hard not to like this movie, and that's all we have to blame it for.”

But the staging is flawless, a little to green, a bit red but above all a little to slick. Is it worth all this Oscars ? Yes, because it sums up the spirit of the time, well thought out, a little demagogue… But the triumph of the Mexican director Guillermo Del Toro will certainly open some doors.