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The Kindergarten Teacher

Film. A strange relationship between a teacher and her student, a complex role to the measure of Maggie Gyllenhall. The Kindergarten Teacher is the hidden gem of the last Deauville Festival. Presentation.

 By Sophie Castelain

Unknown in France, Maggie Gyllenhall has a nice filmography to his credit. Big sister of a certain Jake, the most recent film in which she is The Kindergarten Teacher, has not ceased to inspire others on both sides of the Atlantic. Presented in Deauville in competition, we went to make our own idea.

The director Sara Colongelo makes a film about jealousy, envy and the place of art in society

Reading the synopsis and watching the trailer, we feel that the film will take the direction of pedophilia teacher to student. Then we realize that the teacher’s (Lisa) obsession with this five-year-old child and everything else. She sees in him the talent she hasn’t for poetry. Initially intrigued by Jimmy, the young prodigy, she will quickly appropriate his productions, and try to maintain and develop the talent of the boy. By interfering little by little in his life, and not hesitating to suggest educational advice to his father, to protect his gift from the perversion of society. Lisa would have liked to be an artist, not just an art lover. The teacher sees her two teenage children constantly in front of a screen and has the feeling of having missed their education, as for her husband she doesn’t find it ambitious enough. She sees Jimmy as a young Mozart to cheer.

An American version of Nadad Lapid’s The Kindergarten Teacher, director Sara Colangelo is writing a film about jealousy, envy and the place of art in our society against a backdrop of classical music. The jealousy of a teacher towards her five-year-old student. At first disturbing, then confusing, one wonders how far the connection between Lisa and Jimmy can go.

Maggie Gyllenhall is brilliant in this role, alternately housewife, lover, married woman, teacher, she slips in each of these positions without difficulty. The Kindergarten Teacher is a perfect illustration of how easy it is to start a lie and lock yourself in a spiral of hell. Despite a sensitive subject, the proximity of a teacher to his student, the film remains light, and we are even surprised to laugh at times. We have almost compassion for the character of this teacher who is ready for anything for the love of art.