Bohemian Rhapsody

Queen’s King

Freddie Mercury’s biopic trailer has been unveiled.

A teaser that starts at the sound of We Will Rock You, Another One Bites the Dust and Bohemian Rhapsody, nothing very surprising for the trailer of a biopic about Freddie Mercury. But when you discover Rami Malek’s face, this young actor known for his main role in Mr. Robot, transformed into the legendary Queen’s leader, impossible not to be stunned…

“Sacha Baron Cohen and Ben Wishaw were initially approached to embody the singer.”

Combinations and tight leather pants, mustache and white tank top, attitude and energy, Freddie Mercury seems resurrected. The staging of his successes and excesses, even a reconstitution of his famous show for the 1985 Live Aid concert (Malek is 37 years old as Mercury then) predict a dive without filter in the astonishing destiny of this revolutionary musician.

Sacha Baron Cohen (Ali G, Hugo Cabret, The Dictator) and Ben Wishaw (Perfume : The Story of a Murderer, Bright Star, The Danish Girl) were initially approached to embody the singer. And for the realization, there were also many twists and turns… If the british director and actor Dexter Fletcher (Eddie the Eagle) is the one signing up the film, Stephen Frears, Tom Hooper and more recently Bryan Singer, nearly gave life to the project.

More than six years after the beginnings of this highly anticipated biopic, the feature film will be released in theaters on Octobre 31st.

L M.B.