Here and Now

Sarah Jessica lost in Manhattan

Film. Sarah Jessica Parker presented Here and Now at the 44th Deauville American Film Festival. She has also been awarded a Deauville Talent Award for her entire career (Mars Attack, Sex and The City …). Presentation of an intimate and strong film.

By Sophie Castelain

What to do when you learn that you are dying ? This is the question that Vivienne alias Sarah Jessica Parker asks. The actress presents in almost every shots meanders in the streets of New York aimlessly. For 24 hours, perched on high heels (characteristic sign of the actress), she goes to places she knows and now sees from a different angle. She takes the time to look at each detail, takes a look at the passersby she meets, as if her familiar New York had now another flavor. We think of Cléo from 5 to 7, the masterpiece of Agnès Varda (1962) to the very close argument.

Sarah Jessica Parker win a Deauville Talent Award for her entire career

Especially as the director, Fabien Constant is French. And that in the line of the New Wave, he illustrates the feeling of melancholy of his heroine, using big and very close-ups on all interlocutors of Vivienne. As if each particularity had to be engraved in memory. Alternately appears on the screen, the piercing look of Sarah Jessica Parker, a mouth, a hand or a profile. The soundtrack also has a very important place to reinforce this ambient spleen. Mostly French, we recognize Lio or Serge Gainsbourg.

A tour de force for a second film made in just 16 days in the streets of New York, where appears an amazing cast : Simon Baker (The Mentalist), Renée Zellweger (Bridget Jones) or Jacqueline Bisset (The Magnificent, Bullitt) who demonstrate the finesse of their game away from the universes that made them known. Just like Sarah Jessica Parker. Since the late 2000s the actress of the four Golden Globes had accustomed her audience to the same kinds of character, the fashionista or ultra stylish mother, super nice and living in New York. However, a certain shift has begun with the Divorce series (HBO), and this turn is confirmed here. A nice surprise in short, to find the actress far Rom’com in which she had a little locked up.