Beautiful Boy

Love is a drug

Trailer. Steve Carell and Timothée Chalamet, father and son in the next movie of the Belgian director Felix Van Groeningen (Alabama Monroe). A heartbreaking story drawn from real facts.

Inspired by the father’s memories of a young boy addicted to meth, Beautiful Boy is likely to move more than one. Steve Carrell (Little Miss Sunshine, Cazy, Stupid, Love…), as brilliant in the comic register as in the dramatic one, plays a devastated father who’s ready to do anything to save his son from his addiction.

“Chalamet under the influence of hard drugs.”

And it is the young actor “in vogue” Thimothée Chalamet (Call me By Your Name, Lady Bird) who embodies this boy in search of identity, under the influence of hard drugs. The trailer suggests the two points of view of this duo father and son. After Alabama Monroe in 2012 – Cesar award for best foreign film and Oscar nominated – Felix Van Groeningen tries the American adventure with Beautiful Boy and it seems to succeed him. Verdict on November 21st.