At war !

Another Day of Life

Film. Between cartoon and documentary, this movie, in line of Waltz with Bashir, is a reflection on the war of beauty.

By Jacques Braunstein

Another Day of Life follows the tracks of the journalist Ryszard Kapuscinski in the devastated Angola of 1970’s. In 1975, while the Portuguese leave their African colonies, in Angola, a war opposes the Marxist national liberation movement – supported by Cuban soldiers – to a guerrilla helped by United States, South Africa of the apartheid – and, without doubt, France too.

Like Waltz with Bashir, this film mixes documentary and cartoon

This beautiful cartoon on the Waltz with Bashir vein, blend real images, like testimony of last survivors, and beautiful draws of Southern Africa sometimes turning to fantasy, raised with typical details of 1970’s : afro cups, battle-dress, teleprinters… or vintages cars.

We can ask ourselves why go to a movie on a old war told through the eyes of the Polish journalist, engaged on a communist camp, today missing ? The answer is on the bright and universal reflexion on the war made by the directors Raul de la Fuentes and Damian Nenow. A forgotten war that seems all the more absurd to us because it has killed hundreds of thousands of people far from the eyes of the West and yet with its active participation.