Port Authority

Danielle Lessovitz’s first film, Port Authority makes us discover
the resurrection of New-York Voguing’s atmosphere, thirty years after Madonna’s hit.
We met the transgender star Leyna Bloom.

By Jacques Braunstein
Pictures by Thierry Lebraly

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Port Authority


Independant and brilliant UFO, Port Authority is an almost documentary film about Ballroom’s universe and its LGBT+ dancers keen on Voguing, with social drama very much like Sundance Festival and 99 Home. It’s Danielle Lessovitz’ first film, and this really rich and well written story is presented in Un Certain Regard.

We can see Fionn Whitehead, an English actor discovered in Dunkerque, as a young man lost in New York.

He meets McCaul Lombardi, a rising star of independent cinema (Americain Honey, Sollers Point), Nous les Coyotes, who embodies the boss of a young non-conformists’ group who organize expulsions. Before he falls under Leyna Bloom’s spell, transgender top model actress whom we met in Cannes. As she explains to us: “New York was the ideal place to shoot the film, because we see a lot of different people there, with different ways of life. To me, it was vital to have those places where everyone can express oneself. And the film precisely hands over to characters to whom people can identify. It celebrates diversity and gathers people.”

  • Cannes

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