La Rochelle Cinema

Interview with Arnaud Dumatin and Sophie Mirouze,
who organized the 47th edition of the « La Rochelle Cinema » Festival.
An event backed by Somewhere\Else.

By Quentin Moyon

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La Rochelle Cinema Film Festival


Far from being a new born in the cinematographic landscape, La Rochelle Cinema Film Festival is celebrating its 47th edition. This long experience allows the festival to show a rich and eclectic programming, from the origins of silent cinema with a retrospective of Victor Sjöström work (10 movies accompanied on piano) to the comedy of Louis de Funès and Jim Carrey. The festival will also present a selection of 40 upcoming movies. 

The guests
Many guests will be attending the festival : the actress and godmother of this year’s edition, Alexandra Stewart (The Fire Within, Under the Cherry Moon…) but also the master of « Giallo », the filmmaker Dario Argento (Suspiria, Phenomena, Il gatto a nove code…). Edgier : the director of photography Caroline Champetier, who has worked with Claude Lanzmann and Jean-Luc Godard, or more recently with Austrian director Jessica Hausner (whose film Little Joe will premiere).

Tribute to the greatest
The festival organizes retrospectives of three key personalities of the 7th Art: the American pioneer of the so-called New Hollywood, Arthur Penn (Bonnie and Clyde, The Miracle Worker, Little Big Man), the Soviet director Kira Mouratova (Korotkie vstrechi, Peremena uchasti, Astenicheskiy sindrom). But also the star of French studios in the golden age, Charles Boyer (Love Affair, Passion and Charles Boyer’s Enigma, a documentary in preview). La Rochelle will also give a platform to Icelandic cinema through a retrospective of twelve movies, including The Deep of Baltasar Kormákur, Woman at War by Benedikt Erlingsson and Hlynur Pálmason’s A White, White Day.

La Rochelle gives its La !
Finally, music and cinema will be the culmination of the festival. The opportunity to dive into the world of some composers too little known as the pioneer of electro François de Roubaix (Chapi, Chapo, Last known address). There is also the possibility to attend the Cine-Concert of the documentary L’inde fantôme by Louis Malle, created by David Sztanke, also known for being the composer of Quentin Dupieux’s movies.

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