Knives and Skin – Interview

Organic thriller, lynchian references, the second Jennifer Reeders’s feature film reinvents the teenage movie. We met with the director in Deauville.

 By Jacques Braunstein and Lisa Muratore

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Knives and Skin


Carolyn Harper disappeared. Knives and Skin’s starting point, latest Jennifer Reeder’s movie, well known for her short-films (I Dream You Dream of Me, All Small Bodies, Crystal Lake…). Her first full-length movie, Signature Move, was a comedy about a love story between two women in the professional lady wrestling world. Jennifer Reeder was already talking about equality and feminism. But this film is darker, almost fantastic, evocating David Lynch’s cult series Twin Peaks. The disappearance of a young, cute and popular blond teenager, a modern Laura Palmer, is chilling an entire Illinois town, reminding the citizen of their own fears : child loss, adultery suspicion and family lies. Until the parts get reversed. Mothers decline, daughters becoming wiser than their elders. Mesmerizing, the music and the lighting gives a supernatural identity to Jennifer Reeder’s Knives and Skin, bewitching Deauville with its beauty. Interview…

Jennifer Reeder reinvents the teenage movie.

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