The virtual realized

Between Luna Park 2.0 and the cinema of future, Illucity “France’s first virtual reality adventure park” opens its doors to the “Cité des Sciences” of Paris. Report. 

By Franck Lebraly

The virtual reality had now its room. 1000m2 of VR experiences, where the entertainment interferes on a new dimension. Here, everything is only illusion: from the small effects of the user to the immersive film, the markers are reinvented. We tested four categories of experience. About movies VR : two animated films, one of anticipation with robots, and an environmental documentary on the oceans commented by Lambert Wilson who played the Cousteau Commander on The Odyssey.

“The fourth wall doesn’t exist anymore, and the viewer is at the center of everything. The story is now told with us.”

The hyper reality experiences take us on Mars or turns us into toys on a child bedroom. Illucity offers also VR escape games (in a pyramid or a space base…) and VR arcades (surrounded by zombie or a lightsaber on the hand). There are twenty diverse experiences to get lost in the meanderings of a new reality. So a new screenplay approach that turns Cinema into a 350° adventure. The viewer isn’t passive anymore but in full immersion, real actor of the movie whose he embodies character from then on, that sitting in a connected and rotary Onirix chair, he puts on his VR headset. 

We are planned into the fiction of the future : the fourth wall doesn’t exist anymore, and the viewer is at the center of everything. The story is now told with us. A possible breakthrough for the Cinema, a new playground for directors and producers who will picked up the challenge of feeding these third-type rooms into new programs.