Oh Mercy !

On the occasion of the presentation of Oh Mercy !
by Arnaud Desplechin at the Cannes Film Festival,
we interviewed his composer Grégoire Hetzel during the SACEM meetings.


By Jacques Braunstein
Pictures by Thierry Lebraly

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Oh Mercy !


In his new film Oh Mercy ! (french title : Roubaix, une lumière), Arnaud Desplechin radically changes his style. The director of How I Got into an Argument or Kings and Queen is abandoning the self-fiction that signed many of his works for the crime scene. It’s based on a documentary about two murderers, here played by Léa Seydoux and Sara Forestier. Roshdy Zem, impressive by the minute, camped a resident commissioner and Antoine Reinartz (discovered in 120 BPM) a novice inspector, who let us share the daily life of their police station. This nocturnal film, reminiscent of major series like Hill Street Blues and New York Police Department, works largely thanks to the atmospheric music of Grégoire Hetzel. The usual composer of Desplechin who explains us how, for this film, he freed himself from the aura of his director and friend.

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