Mrs Maisel and series in the retro

Emmy Awards 2018

Series. What are the Emmy 2018 worth, and especially the series The Marvelous Mrs Maisel great winner of a ceremony under the sign of nostalgia?

 By Jacques Braunstein and Sophie Castelain

The Emmy Awards, attributed by American television professionals in September, are often just a Golden Globes daring recording chamber (handed out in March by foreign correspondents in Hollywood).

This year, they rewarded Game of Throne (7 statuettes), as if the academy was already nostalgic for the big series that ends next year.

Tribute to the nostalgia of the retro years

Among the miniseries awarded, stands the second season of American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace (3 statuettes), which marked the 20 years of the death of the creator. Lovers of the 90s, will love to follow Andrew Cunanan in his narcissistic and murderous madness across the United States. Darren Criss, spotted in the Glee series, wins the Best Actor Award in a miniseries. Gianni’s Versace-style performance of kitsch and bling, saturating the colors and restoring the glamorous Miami luxury of the nineties, allows Ryan Murphy to win the Emmy for Best production.

In the same genre, Henry Winkler got for his role in Barry, an Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series (prize titles are always a poem). It’s touching, but not really new, to see that the Happy Days Fonzie is a good actor. Nostalgic 70s (where 50 to choose from) ?

While the Emmy for best screenplay for a mini-series returns to “USS Callister” from the fourth season of Black Mirror. A nice reinterpretation of the original Star Trek. Nostalgia of the 60s?

But the novelty is the best comedy series with The Marvelous Mrs Maisel * (8 statuettes), on which we rushed the same evening. A series that is no less nostalgic since located in 1958. She focuses on Jewish mother of the Upper West Side, which following his divorce discovered a talent for Stand Up.

The actress Rachel Brosnahan is great, the skits are often funny, the New York reenactment seems to have means three times greater than that of Mad Men – and especially when it focuses on the Greenwich Village clubs period Hispter, those of Allan Ginsberg not from the Supreme brand. But the machine goes back in time: each scene is supposed to go up and demonstrate the oppression of women in the patriarchal society of the post-war period. A concern to stick to the #MeToo trend so supported, that we start yawning until Midge Maisel drop a lot of rudeness to relax the atmosphere.

On the same theme of male domination, The Handmaide’s Tale, original and futuristic series crowned by 5 Emmys last year, proposed a look more corrosive and new

*broadcast by Amazon Prime Video (2 seasons)