Brussels International Film Festival

Interview with the BRIFF planner, Céline Masset, the Brussels International Film Festival.
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By Quentin Moyon
Video by Tess Volet

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Céline Masset


BRIFF is back for a second edition, traveling as last year between new releases and retrospectives.The director Michel Hazanavicius (OSS 117 : Lost in Rio, The Artist, Redoubtable), honor guest, will come and talk about his career and his films, which will obviously be broadcast. Belgian cinema will also be under spotlight with Bouli Lanners (C’est ça l’amour, Rust and Bone, Le Grand Soir), who’s sounding the alarm with his white card entitled «Green Planet» bringing together five films that point to the climate crisis. New York filmmaker Abel Ferrara will present his latest film (Tommaso) and a retrospective of his work (Bad Lieutenant, Pasolini, Ms. 45).

Festival offers many sections, in competition or out of competition, where films will be presented, often already passed by small festivals like Cannes, Venice or Berlin to discover in preview on the Belgian territory. These include: It Must Be Heaven by Elia Suleiman, Yves by Benoît Forgeard, The Best Years of a Life by Claude Lelouch, So Long, My son by Wang Xiaoshuai or La Flor, the 14-hour Argentine film by Mariano Llinas.

BRIFF Festival presents also a Belgo-Belgian competition including Dirty God by Sacha Polack or Cavale de Virginie Gourmel. And last but not least, for the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s first step on the Moon, a selection of films on Space: from Forbidden Planet (1956) to First Man (2018) and the wild Galaxy Quest (1999)…

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