Bouli Lanners- Belgian actor and director

Honor guest of this 2nd edition of the Brussels International Film Festival,
the Belgian director and actor Bouli Lanners (Chien) has chosen to devote its white card
to global warming rather than reverting to his career (The Giants, Chien, C’est ça l’amour…).

By Tess Volet and Quentin Moyon

Reading time 4 min.

Named « Green Planet », this white card presented six non-competitive films from all over the world to demonstrate the universality of a serious situation.

The oldest, the Brazilian short documentary Island of Flowers by Jorge Furtado, released in 1989, evokes the path of our waste. While the fiction feature Fukushima, ou le Couvercle du Soleil, recounts the greatest nuclear catastrophe of the 21st century that shook minds in March 2011. Another example is Women At War by Benedikt Erlingsson (citing an Icelandic Erin Brockovitch who opposed the local aluminum industry). A film already awarded by the Lux Prize of the European Parliament in November 2018.

During his masterclass, the actor was accompanied by Francis Leboutte, president of the association « End of Nuclear » and we talked about the habits to be changed in our daily lives, but above all about what we need to demand from politicians so that the slogan of this white card, “No Future”, does not become our daily routine.

Bouli lanners


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