Les Misérables – November 20th in theaters

July 1st in theaters

7 July 2020

« Jumbo is a kind of modern fairy tale »


Zoé Wittock’s first sensitive and audacious movie, Jumbo, is released today and it is our favourite of the week. A good opportunity to talk funfair and female desire with its…

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6 July 2020


Back to the future

In Pen15, showrunners Anna Konkle and Maya Erskine plunge back with us into the setbacks of their adolescence. A fresh and cutting initiation story to rediscover the worst years of…

29/01/2020 in Theaters

27 January 2020


Interview : Niels Schneider

Encounter with the actor who plays in the first sensual and solar film by Jessica Palud

29/01/2020 in Theaters

27 January 2020

Jojo Rabbit

MoonReich Kingdom

Taika Waititi, the new Disney loved member, debuts his run for the Oscars with a hilarious comedy about a child whose imaginary friend is Adolf Hitler.

A disgusting, twisted, angry
women can win an Emmy

Phoebe Waller-Bridge

22/01/20 in Theaters

27 January 2020

The Breitner Commando

Interview : Linh-Dan Pham

Encounter with the actrice of Abdel Raouf Dafri's first feature film that explores the damages of the Algerian War.

January 22 in Theaters

23 January 2020



Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, Margot Robbie sont à l’affiche de ce film qui dénonce d’un même mouvement la chaîne d’info en continue conservatrice Fox News et le harcèlement que faisait…

January 22 in Theaters

23 January 2020

La Llorona

The general in his labyrinth

Jayro Bustamente use des codes du cinéma de genre pour mettre en lumière les tourments de son pays, le Guatemala, en quête de justice. Etrange…



le 20/11/19 in theaters

29 November 2019

Les Misérables

Everything is going wrong

Rewarded with a Jury's Prize in Cannes, nominated for the Oscars, Ladj Ly's movie depicts a suburb that is exploding, a metaphor of an unwell France. It apparently even touched…

20/ 11/ 2019 in theaters

21 November 2019

Knives and Skin

Teenage Fanclub

An organic thriller with lynchian references, Jennifer Reeder's second feature film brings a new take on teenage movies. We met the director in Deauville. 

11/20/19 in theaters

19 November 2019

Les Éblouis

a little, a lot, blindly

Sarah Suco takes us inside a sectarian catholic community. A fine story inspired by her own childhood, reminding us of the children still oppressed in those communities.

13/11/19 in theaters

15 November 2019

Noura Rêve


Through this social love story, Hinde Boujemaa denounces gender inequalities in relationships, in a contexte where adultery and deliquency are put on equal footing. Interview.

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12 November 2019

The Morning Show

Streaming or not streaming ?

Started late October, Apple TV+ completes its online tv-show catalogue. For better or for worse ? An early answer with the leading series : The Morning Show.

Arcs Film Festival from december 14th to 21st

Since 11/01/2019 on Netflix

12 November 2019

The King

I just can't wait to be king

Adapted from Shakespeare, David Michôd’s second film for Netflix is a historical fresco carried by Thimothée Chalamet. Explanations.


8 November 2019

Lost, The Leftovers, Watchmen

Lindelof, the new prophet of tv shows

While Damon Lindelof's new tv show, Watchmen, is in full swing, Sarah Hatchuel and Pacôme Thiellement wrote an essay about his previous show, The Leftovers. Return on a work haunted by the…

I don’t want to campaign for the Oscars with Ad Astra and Once Uppon a Time…in Hollywood

Brad Pitt

On 13/11/19 in a collector DVD Blue-Ray boxset

8 November 2019

Donnie Darko

Mad World

Interview with Richard Kelly, cursed director of one of the cult movies of the 00's : Donnie Darko which is re-released on November 13th in a DVD Blue-Ray collector boxset, available…

11/13/19 in theaters

7 November 2019

An Officer and a Spy

Polanski defends (himself)

Awarded with the golden lion in 2019 Venice film festival, Roman Polanski is back with a thorough reconstitution of the Dreyfus affair.

11/06/2019 in theaters

6 November 2019

Une Colonie

Thanks Daddy, thanks Mommy...

Sensitive teen movie shot almost like a documentary, Quebecker director Geneviève Dulude-de Celles’s first fiction feature film was awarded the Generation Golden Bear at the 2019 Berlin film festival. Rightfully…